July 12, 2005

London bombers came from Leeds

According to the BBCthe Islamofascist terrorists that Bombed the London underground came from Leeds, next door to the Islamic colonies in Bradford. Not that you would realise this from the BBC's coverage. I understand that the reason that they are doing this is to try and stop people from realising that they where Islamofascists as it could provoke attacks on Muslims. An honourable goal, but completely unattainable.

Everybody already knows that the London bombings where committed by Islamofascists, and everybody also knows that the vast majority of Muslims are not Islamofascists and want nothing to do with them. If anything this blanket ban lumps Muslims and Islamofascists together as if they where somehow equivalent. By studiously avoiding any mention of the reasons behind the bombings all the BBC is doing is stiffling debate about what to do with this nasty Islamofascist minority, and so creating a space where the debate happens on the terms of filth like the BNP as they are the only ones that admit that it exists.


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